Don’t Miss The Tony Woiak History Festival

Presented by The Washburn Heritage Association &
The Washburn Area Historical Society

Seventh annual-2018 Winter
Harbor View Event Center, Washburn, WI
All presentations on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm.
$5 admission—refreshments will be served.
Music will be provided by local musicians.

Tu e s d a y, February 6: Kristy Liphart, presenter

Bayfield County Memorial Hospital and Northern Lights Services Evolution of health care in Washburn

Tu e s d a y, February 20, Lorraine Norgaard—Presenter

Ojibwemoowin — “Ojibwe Oral Tradition”
Award winning video explores how language defines the Anishanaabe/Ojibwe people.

This winter series is made possible by a grant from the Washburn Community Education Foundation.